Amy Grant New Remix Album 'In Motion: The Remixes' Releases August 2014, Listen to "Baby, Baby" Here (VIDEO)

Amy Grant
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Amy Grant New Remix Album 'In Motion: The Remixes' Releases August 2014, Listen to "Baby, Baby" Here (VIDEO)

Amy Grant has announced that she will be releasing a 'new' album In Motion: The Remixes that will be available on August 19 from Sparrow Records. 

In Motion was Grant's break-out album that introduced her to the mainstream music world with her massive radio hit "Baby, Baby". Now, the songs on her iconic album will be newly edited for the singer's first-ever album of remixes also including the hits "That's What Love Is For" and "Every Heartbeat."

"I never could have anticipated that these songs from an earlier chapter in my life could be filled with such renewed energy and fresh production," Grant said.

The producers for the new remix album include Chris Cox, Tony Moran, Moto Blanco, 7th Heaven and Dave Aude, who took on "Baby, Baby," Grant's signature pop hit. DJ and remixer Dave Audé said, "Remixing 'Baby, Baby' has definitely been one of the highlights of my career." 

"I am humbled and honored that these amazingly talented producers have leant their gifts to my songs," Grant said. "They have given me reason to want to get up and dance again!"

You can listen to Aud'es "Baby, Baby" remix above. What do you think? You can also check out the full tracklisting for Grant's In Motion: The Remixes below. 

In Motion: The Remixes Tracklist:
1. That's What Love Is For (Amy Grant Featuring Chris Cox) Radio Edit
2. Stay For Awhile (Amy Grant Featuring Tony Moran and Warren Rigg) Radio Mix
3. You're Not Alone (Amy Grant Featuring Guy Scheiman) Radio Edit
4. Every Heartbeat (Amy Grant Featuring Moto Blanco) Radio Edit
5. Better Than A Hallelujah (Amy Grant Featuring Mark Picchiotti) Gospel Radio Edit
6. Love Will Find A Way (Amy Grant Featuring Ralphi Rosario) Big Room Radio Edit
7. Baby, Baby (Amy Grant Featuring Dave Aude) Radio Edit
8. Say Once More (Amy Grant Featuring Hex Hector) Radio Edit
9. Out In The Open (Amy Grant Featuring 7th Heaven) Radio Edit **Digital version bonus track
10. BONUS MIX: Stay For A While (Amy Grant Featuring Tony Moran) DESTINATION Mixshow Edit
11. BONUS MIX: Mega Mix (Amy Grant Featuring DJ Andy 7th Heaven)



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