Former Disco Queen Turned Gospel Singer Gloria Gaynor Unveils New Single "Amazing Grace"

Gloria Gaynor

Former disco queen but now a committed Gospel singer Gloria Gaynor has released a new bluesy version of"Amazing Grace." This is the first single from her forthcoming gospel album Testimony.

Adding new verses to new verses to the iconic hymn, Gaynor has given "Amazing Grace" a new lease of life. "It has long been my deep-seated desire to record a gospel album that would uplift, encourage, inspire and even inform," Gaynor tells Billboard. "I trust that through my testimony on this album, I am able to do much of that through these songs. I am so very proud of this album, and excited to share the first single, 'Amazing Grace.'" 

Known best for her 1979 hit "I Will Survive," Gloria Gaynor has made her mark as one of disco's most notable divas.  She is also the receipent of Grammy's one and only Disco Song of the Year Award. The song has gone through so many permutations that it has been translated into over 20 languages.

However, not long after Gaynor recorded her career song, she became a devout Christian.  Over the years, she has often tweaked her song's lyrics to reflect her Christian convictions:  "I will survive; He gave me life; I stand beside the Crucified One; I can go on; I will be strong; For my strength to live is not my own; I will survive!"  Later in her career, Gaynor would even go on to record more Christian oriented songs and albums.  

Testimony is slated for release June 7 via Gaither Music.  


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