Larry Crider on Making Music that Tells Stories Built Up with Scripture

Larry Crider and 4 H.I.S. Glory

Larry Crider is passionate about worship. His love for God and gifting for music merge into a dynamic music ministry known as Larry Crider & 4 H.I.S. Glory.  Larry and his singers are noted for blending smooth harmonies, superior songwriting, riveting vocal performances, and great musicianship. The talented Washington D.C. based ensemble and its leader made their official entry into the Gospel music industry with their 2015 album TIME TO SAY YES and followed up with a single in 2017 "Don't Take Your Spirit".  

Larry and 4 H.I.S Glory (Honor In Song) is a ministry dedicated to uplifting the spirit of God and pointing listeners in the direction of salvation through Jesus Christ via their music.  They have a new musical offering, "The King Is In The Room", that is a sweet and soul-stirring ballad sure to ignite worship and usher in the presence of the Lord.

Q: Larry, thank you for doing this interview with us.  You serve as the Director at the First National Deliverance Center.  What is the center about? And tell us more about your ministry there. 

Sure! Yes, I serve as one of the choir directors and musicians in that ministry. We have multiple choirs and I work with one of them. The church is a little church that sits on the corner of 5400 D Street in Southeast Washington DC. I grew up in this church. This ministry is wholeheartedly about deliverance! They are about seeing people delivered from any chain that might have them bound. A ministry that believes in fasting and praying and waiting on the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit before doing anything! 

Q:  You have had released an album in 2015 and a few singles.  Tell us about your journey as a recording artist. 

This journey has been interesting. That's the best way I can describe it lol. I've have been doing music my whole life and I've always saw myself wanting to do music professionally. Through varies programs in school, I've learned how to sharpen my musical gifts. There have plenty of times I wanted to just give up and just saying forget it but God always had always sent a word of encouragement along the way. I love creating, preforming, and ministering music! I've learned so much! and I'm still learning!  God has blessed us to meet and work with wonderful people along the way and have opened so many doors I didn't think would have ever opened for me. 

Q:  How do you see yourself enhancing or contributing to the Gospel music scene now and in the future? 

I believe our music tells stories and it's build up with scripture. I believe because our music has substance that caries the word of God (which is life) it will always be relevant.  People relate to music that's from the heart, and from our heart to theirs the message of the Gospel will continue to shine and shine brightly. 

Q:  You have a fabulous new single out called "The King is in the Room."  What's the song about and why are you excited about it?

Yes, this single talks about the greatness that is God! I think about how a king enters the room, everyone stops whatever they may be doing and stand or bow in reverence in awe of the king. When we are in worship, the presence of God enters in like a flood because he inhabits the praises of his people, we just get lost in his presence. Have you ever just sat in the weight of glory that would fill the house of God and it just feels like every worry or problem you could have has been washed away simply by just being in God's presence? That's what this song reminds us of! Everything we need is found in him. The king that sits on throne who has all authority, rule and reign has the power to heal and erase anything that we might be dealing with. 

Q:  Are you currently making more music and if you are, can we expect a new album soon?

We have new music in our back pocket but not sure when we will release some of it. Putting out music costs a lot of money! lol Not sure of another album right now but we might continue to release singles right now.

Q:  Who are some of the musicians or songwriters that you will be working with for your new project? 

Umm, not sure yet honestly. I'm open to work with anyone. God has blessed me to work with some awesome songwriters and musicians from our previous releases. 

Q:  Your new song celebrates the presence of Jesus.  Can you recall to us a time where you have felt that the King's presence in your own life? 

God has proven himself to be faithful to his word in so many ways. In 2015 when we released our album, I was also by my wife's side as she as battling breast cancer. Four months after we got married. God spoke and gave comfort to both my wife and I that her sickness wasn't unto death but just a test of her faith. In the end of it all, God's word didn't return back void. He healed my wife!  


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