Top 10 New Christmas Songs for 2019

Top 10 New Christmas Songs for 2019

Every year, we are greeted with tons of new Christmas songs.  In complying this list, we were looking out for Christmas songs that do help us to focus on Christ and the true meaning of the season.  We were also looking for songs that can take the truths of Christmas and phrase them in ways that are worshipful, refreshing, contemporary, and engaging.  Click on the titles to hear the songs.  So, here's our favourites for 2019:

10. Nichole Nordeman "What Child is This/Fragile"

By wisely juxtaposing a song about human violence (Sting's "Fragile") with the innocence of the Christ-child ("What Child is This"), Nordeman is powerfully advocating that only Christ is the panacea to human violence and cruelty.  

9. Melanie Penn "All Things are Possible (Gabriel)"

Viewed from the vantage point of the angel, Gabriel, this is a Christmas song with a creative difference.  Penn has so gorgeously captured the conversation between Gabriel and Mary, that we can't help but worship along via eavesdropping.

8. David and Nicole Binion "Making Room"

The pride of this song is in its ability to take a Biblical notion and applying it into our current situations. Here, songwriters David Binion and Mitch Wong (a name to look out for) have taken the Biblical notion of Bethlehem having "no room" for baby Jesus and have applied it to our modern context of worship: No room in our worship for Jesus/Forsaking His will for a stage/Content to just go through the motions/Get through the list and we'll call it a day /No room for Jesus.   

7.  Chris Tomlin "Hope of Israel"

For "Hope of Israel," Tomlin shares his pen with one of CCM's most prolific writer Jason Ingram and Hillsong Worship's Reuben Morgan and Ben Fielding. With such a mighty cohort of songwriters, "Hope of Israel" doesn't disappoint.  The track boasts a chorus that is not only Christ-exalting but it has such a soul-inducing chorus that you can't help but be drawn in to the beauty of who Christ is.     

6.  The Erwins "Ordinary Baby"

Featuring the lyrics of Gloria Gather, the Erwins' "Ordinary Baby" succinctly captures how this tiny baby of Bethlehem draws us to God with lots of visceral affectations.  The way the Erwins end the song with that extended vocal hold is simply priceless. 

5. Idina Menzel "At This Table"

Frozen's Menzel co-wrote this song with Jonas Myrin (Hillsong, Chris Tomlin) and it's one of the best expositions of the grace Christ brings.  So come as you are/Remember that the door is always open/Yes, come as you are/The perfect gift that you can bring is your heart/So, come, come as you are.

4. Sandra McCracken featuring Josh Garrels "The Space Between"

Not to be missed is this soul-piercing ballad "The Space Between."  Utilising the wait between Christmas and New Year's as a metaphor of our waiting for God's intervention, the song is one of the best treatises of what it means to bear holy patience.  Do your soul a favour and ponder the words of this song deeply and you will really treasure the joy such holy waiting engenders. 

3. Andrew Peterson "Matthew's Begats"

While many Christians often bypass the genealogy of Jesus mentioned in Matthew 1, Peterson turns these "begats" into an infectious foot-tapping romp, which is actually quite fun.  A must-hear for those who think genealogies are useless and dry.

2.  Pentatonix featuring Whitney Houston "Do You Hear What I Hear"

Whitney Houston's body may have been confined to the grave for the last seven years, but her voice still rules, thanks to Pentatonix.  Houston effortlessly brings the good news of Christ's birth with such a majestic array of beauty that you have to be deaf not to be blown away by her sheer vocal prowess.

1. Matthew Parker "Kindle"

Parker has been known for his EDM-based pop offerings.  So, when he offered this reverent hymn-like ballad, it comes as quite a pleasant surprise.  The gorgeous unfolding of the story of how the light of Christ changes our lives is told with intrigue, worship and with lots of  affection.  



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