Forerunner Music's Newest Release "Best of Onething (Live)" Boasts 31 Songs

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Forerunner Music is pleased to announce Best of Onething, a compilation of the best songs and moments from Onething's history. This new 31-song double album includes Forerunner Music recording artists Jaye Thomas, Jon Thurlow, Laura Hackett Park, Misty Edwards, and more, as well as past and present International House of Prayer worship leaders, including Cory Asbury, Matt Gilman, David Brymer, and others. 

Forerunner Music is the official record label of the International House of Prayer of Kansas City. Having released more than 165 albums since its inception in 2001, the label has produced records for artists such as Misty Edwards, Laura Hackett Park and Cory Asbury. Forerunner Music albums have reached as high as No. 9 on the Billboard charts, No. 1 on iTunes' Christian & Gospel charts and have received two GMA Dove Award nominations. 


1. Worthy of It All (Live) - David Brymer
2. My Soul Longs for You (Live) - Misty Edwards
3. We Love Your Name (Live) - Jaye Thomas
4. Storm All Around You (Live) - Jon Thurlow
5. The Love Inside (Live) - Laura Hackett Park
6. Turn It All Around (Live) - Misty Edwards
7. No One Else (Live) - Cory Asbury
8. Strong Love (Live) - Jon Thurlow
9. As the Deer (Live) - Matt Gilman
10. Family (Spontaneous) (Live) - Jaye Thomas
11. All Is for Your Glory (Live) - Cory Asbury
12. To Be With You (Live) - Misty Edwards
13. I Am Yours (First Love) (Live) - Jonas Park
14. I Feel His Love (Live) - Laura Hackett Park
15. For Your Glory / Send the Winds (Live) - Jaye Thomas
16. All Men Are Broken (Live) - Misty Edwards
17. Jesus, You're Beautiful (Live) - Jon Thurlow
18. You Satisfy My Soul (Live) - Laura Hackett Park
19. Wounded One (Live) - Davy Flowers
20. Restoration (Live) - David Brymer
21. Measure of a Man (Live) - Misty Edwards
22. Song of Love (Live) - Jaye Thomas
23. Let My People Dance (Live) - Wallace Faagutu, and Rachel Faagutu
24. Only One (Live) - Jaye Thomas
25. Shout Your Name (Live) - Jon Thurlow
26. So Come (Live) - Misty Edwards
27. There Is Only One (Live) - Brandon Hampton
28. Picture of Your Love (Live) - Luke Wood
29. Where I Belong (Live) - Cory Asbury
30. Sing Your Praises (Live) - Matt Gilman
31. Never Gonna Leave Me Dry (Live) - Cory Asbury 

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