Shelly Moore Returns After 8 Years with the Easter Anthem "Forever Now a Crown"

Shelly Moore

Eight years after her last release, singer/songwriter and worship artist Shelly Moore returns with triumphant Easter single "Forever Now A Crown," co-written with Michael Farren.

"After a long season of various trials, because of Christ's faithfulness to me, I found myself restored and overwhelmed with gratitude. In light of His goodness, I wanted to write songs that highlighted His Lordship and His victory. There were a lot of songs at that time that talked about how we are victorious as people of God. Yet, what my heart needed was to celebrate His victory alone because I knew my own weakness and frailty, and I knew I had been restored because of what He had done, not by any merit of my own.

We are reminded in Scripture that Christ endured the cross for the joy set before Him, our redemption. Christ's faithfulness didn't end on the cross. It didn't end in His resurrection. As we look to the cross, we can be reminded, not only of His faithfulness to endure, but also His promise to complete what He began," Shelly says of the inspiration behind the new single.

With a heart for the local church and the church abroad, Shelly's desire is that this song would be sung by nations to lift up the glory of God and the truth of His promises. "It is a privilege and honor to look to Christ, to rejoice in His love, in His sacrifice, and in His victory over all things. Through any trial we experience here, we can look to the victory of Christ and remember our future hope that He has secured for us with His blood shed on the cross. Our future hope allows us to walk through present darkness because our future hope is also our present peace," she shares.

"Forever Now A Crown," the lead single from an upcoming series of releases later this year, is intentionally timed for release just before Easter, with hope that it will be an anchor song for the church in this season. "This is such a crucial time where we, as a body of believers and as followers of Christ, remember the suffering of the cross, the silence of the three days, and celebrate together the victory of His resurrection." 

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