Earnest Pugh's "Praise Break 'The Sundoe'" Featured in CBS Sitcom "The Neighborhood"

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Gospel's leading man Earnest Pugh took to Instagram to express heartfelt gratitude and appreciation upon finding out that his song was used in an episode of the CBS sitcom The Neighborhood starring Cedric The Entertainer and Tichina Arnold.  Pugh's "Praise Break: The Sundoe" was used in the church scene where Tichina Arnold's character praises God in an exuberant shout.

The track is taken from the Blacksmoke Music Worldwide recording artist's 2008 Billboard Chart Topping CD  "Rain On Us." produced by Michael Bereal.

According to Pugh "I started getting calls from around the country congratulating me on the hilarious episode so  my team and I pulled it up on demand to watch. We must have watched it 12 times back to back with tears of laugher each time!  Cedric and Tachina are two of the best to ever do comedy so this is a great honor."  President of EPM Music Group Keith Williams commented,  "When we recorded "Shondoe" in 2008, we had no idea that it would end up in a church serene on a national sitcom, but at the same time it has always been our goal push Earnest Pugh's music beyond the four walls of the church."

Pugh was greeted with news last month that one of his other songs, "Trade It All," written by Lucius Hoskins was used in the recent released BET movie His, Hers and The Truth.  The song is from Pugh's Survive CD.

Pugh fans are eagerly anticipating the imminent release  of his 12th disc, The Outpour Experience on May 22nd.  The disc features the Easter anthem "Grateful" as well as the top 15 radio single "God Wants To Heal You" that continues to make impact across the nation and internationally.

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