Mosaic MSC “Human” Album Review

Mosaic MSC

Prime Cuts: Dreams, Steady, Close to You

Overall Grade: 3/5

Traditionally, titles of albums and songs are succinct phrases or words that capture the gist of the collection or composition.  It's supposed to be punchy summary statement representing the album or song. But this isn't the case with Mosaic MSC's latest release.The album may be entitled "Human" but none of the songs actually address the issue at hand. Though the members of this church team may want this record to allow human beings to bond together during this season of lockdown, there isn't any "humbayas" or campy-get-together songs.  In fact, none of the songs specifically address the human to human relationship per se. Rather,  despite the title, this 8-song collection is a God-centered worship album with songs directed to God in worship. Moreover, even some of the song titles don't necessary collaborate with the themes of the paeans. "Dreams," for instance, isn't some self-empowerment anthem championing us to pursue some form of destiny. Rather, the titular is just an odd phrase lifted from the verse somewhere. The same can be said about "Fountain (I Am Good)" or "Can't Refuse."

Confusing titulars aside, the album follows closely to their 2016's "Glory and Wonder." Just as "Tremble" from the 2016 effort was a huge worship favorite, "Dreams" is strong contender for this record. Featuring a catchy chorus brimming with gratitude for the graciousness of Jesus, the song has a drawing power that hooks you in at first listen. The tag "I don't deserve this love" is sung with so much conviction and passion that you can't help but shout "Amen." Rather than trying to impress with elaborate vocals or syncopated beats, "Close to You" is a heartfelt prayer that gets to Jesus without any bells and whistles. The sincerity and directness of wanting to be with Jesus for who he is makes this song such a sacrifice of praise. 

"Steady" is modern call-and-response hymn with verses giving expression to God followed by the chorus which expresses our response to God's faithfulness. "Fountain (I Am Good)," as aforementioned, is mis-titled. The word "fountain" only appears once in the first verse and the song has got nothing to do with its title. Rather, the subtitle "I Am Good" is more of a reflection of the song's tenure. "Can't Refuse" and "You it's Only You" are more or less typical worship songs that tend to recycle cliches and chord progressions that don't really set them apart.  Moreover, their dearth of Biblical metaphors or ideas make them lean towards the trite side of worship music. 

Nevertheless, one also has be careful with a song like "You Never Fail Me (All My Life)." It is true that Jesus will never fail us in the truest and most ultimate sense. But this doesn't mean that he will never fail us when we ask for anything that we want. God never promises that he will not fail us by pandering to all our wants. The song just doesn't capture the tension and complexity of the issue well enough. If worship songs are to capture God's truth as clearly and succinctly as possible, this song really needs more nuancing. Such theological ambiguity discounts what is otherwise a good album.



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