Online Memorial Service for the Late Phil Brower Announced

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Phil Brower, longtime producer of the Singing News Fan Awards, the National Quartet Convention, and Bill Gaither's Homecoming radio show, has passed away on May 6. Brower died after a brief battle with cancer. On Saturday, May 23, 2020, at 12:00 pm EST, there will be an online service in memory of Brower.  You can be a part of it by going to

When Phil Brower was young, God placed a song in his heart. That "Journey of Music" began at age one when he sang his first solo (Jesus Loves Me), on his father's radio program. The song and love for the One Who had planted it, has never been silenced. Grade school teachers excused him often, to run to nearby funeral parlors, sing a song of comfort, and return. He also traveled with his dear preacher-dad to be the music for many services and events.

After Cedarville College, he joined the Spurrlows, a music-touring group doing High School assemblies by day and concert-shows by night. During this time his love for the role of producer was born. (He met Lynne on tour and his love for the role of husband was also born). For ten years in New Jersey, they loved teenagers through "Fidelis", the youth group Phil pastored.

During that ministry an unusual multimedia show was created..."Theoirnagoplizo". It was a comedic, clever and musical way to share his love of the Gospel. Then God moved him to Michigan where he was privileged to write music, encourage recording artists and work in management for Zondervan Corp. He also became Worship Pastor at Calvary Church. There the passion of presenting gospel music through all styles and productions (such as "Festival of Lights"), was a wonderful privilege for both Phil and Lynne. 

He was honored to produce many national, special events such as; The National Quartet Convention, The Singing News Fan Awards, Praise Gathering, Great Western Fan Fest and several T.V specials. He was a "driving force" behind Bill Gaither's Homecoming Radio; he picked the songs, wrote scripts, and directed it.  They said, "He was the heart and soul of it. For 16 years, he took it to places we could never have dreamed." 

Most of all, Phil was a lover of people; everyone mattered.  For that reason, his family thought that if you wish to do something in his memory, sharing a gift or caring for someone discouraged or struggling would be most meaningful. It is their hope it would be a sweet reminder to them of God's love.  

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