Lou Fellingham Releases a New Acoustic Version of "Bring It All to Jesus"

Lou Fellingham

Lou Fellingham releases a new acoustic version of her song 'Bring It All To Jesus', initially presented on her last album, Made For You. As an internationally known worship leader recognised for her prophetic edge and unwavering energy to see lives changed through the power of the Gospel - Lou shines a new light on the caring nature of our Lord in 'Bring It All To Jesus'.

Too long I've been living with shame

Let my fears rule the way

It is time to break these chains

I bring it all back to Jesus

I bring it all, bring it all back to Jesus

"Bring It All to Jesus" speaks of our need for honest surrender before Christ. Fellingham explains," Honesty with God is also key.  There is no need to hide and we can bring everything to Him.  He doesn't just leave us as we are but is calling us to be a free people.  We are now in Christ and can enjoy fullness of life knowing this."

"There's no point in hiding. There's no point in holding back.  Jesus is everything and has done everything needed for us to live," she continues.


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