Sandi Patty, Steve Green, Larnelle Harris & Others Join Orchestra Kentucky for Patriotic Tune "Indivisible"

Orchestra Kentucky

To celebrate America's 244th birthday on July 4, Orchestra Kentucky debuted a new original patriotic song entitled "Indivisible" featuring award-winning Christian music artists as well as members of Orchestra Kentucky. The orchestra director, Jeff Reed, says the idea of the song came to him shortly after the pandemic began.

"After seeing several songs posted on social media at the onset of the pandemic about everyone coming together, it occurred to me that America has faced many types of adversity in its history," says Reed. "This was before the riots and unrest we are now experiencing. Our hope is this song will be a uniting call for our country, reminding us that we are all still Americans and, like the generations before us, we have the resiliency to weather any storm."

Reed contacted award-winning songwriters Dick and Mel Tunney who have written over 200 songs in their careers, though this is the first patriotic song they have composed. Dick Tunney says he hopes this song will be a source of encouragement.

"Watching our nation and the world strangled by division and isolation has been heartbreaking," says Tunney. "This song is a prayer of unity for our country and a reminder that our nation's hope is still in God."

Numerous artists from the Christian music community lent their voices to the song including Hall of Fame vocalists Sandi Patty, Larnelle Harris and Steve Green, award-winning group First Call, popular worship leaders Alicia Williamson-Garcia and Elicia Brown, vocal group Veritas, award-winning trio The Booth Brothers, and Gaither Homecoming singers Reggie and Ladye Smith.

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