The Story Behind Jeremy Ellis' "Those Nails"


In partnership with Homegrown Worship, Jeremy Ellis releases a new song called 'Those Nails.' The song was written by composers Andrew Tyron and Andy Baker.

"Those Nails" is a beautiful piano led ballad that reminds you of a church hymn but has the contemporary drive of a modern worship song. Jeremy really shows his dynamic and strong vocals throughout the song. A great build on the song not just instrumentally but melodically that is worth a repeat listen! 

Andrew Tryon takes the time to talk about how the song came about: "The seed for this song was sown one day as I worked with some large nails in my shed.  They were six inches long and, being quite thick, needed an extra heavy lump hammer to drive them.  As I contemplated the size of the nails I held, I shuddered at the thought of hitting my hand as I drove them.

At this moment I was reminded of what happened to Jesus Christ who was crucified with nails deliberately driven through His flesh.  The nails I held were modern, clean steel nails.  But the nails used on Jesus would have been big, rough pieces of iron; brutal lumps that I would not even choose to use for woodwork. 

At the same time I was struck by the injustice that Jesus had done no wrong and did not deserve His punishment.  And if it had been a choice between Jesus or me, it should have been me.

These thoughts stayed with me and became the inspiration for the song "These Nails O Lord." The song is a prayer to God that speaks of how those nails could hardly be a less appropriate or fitting way for the love of God to be displayed; Jesus in His crucifixion was treated with less respect than a piece of wood; the living God was fixed to a dead piece of wood." 

About Jeremy Ellis:

Born at just 26 weeks gestation, by God's sweet grace South African native Jeremy Ellis survived. There is no doubt that God had a plan to use this future singer/songwriter's life. Through the experience of growing up in 5 different countries, Jeremy realized that there is no better way to unite the hearts of people than through the language of music. Jeremy is passionate about publishing God's message of salvation and hope to all who will hear it. 

Answering this call to ministry led to so many God-given opportunities. Jeremy crossed paths with Daniel Ornellas, a member of the powerhouse worship trio, Tree63. Daniel Ornellas recognized Jeremy's passion and talent to serve the church as a songwriter and produced Jeremy's first EP, "Seen & Heard," in November 2012. Jeremy has continued to faithfully serve the local church as a worship pastor, and in 2017 after graduating from 10,000 Fathers Worship School he had the privilege of co-writing and recording a song called "Hunger and Thirst" with Aaron Keyes and the 10,000 Fathers community.

Jeremy's songs are born out of the overflow of pursuit after God, being hungry and thirsty for more of God and less of self. Jeremy desires that people truly see & hear Jesus through every song and lyric he ever records or publishes. Burdened with the realities of what breaks God's own heart-the lost and the needy-Jeremy's vision is to use music as a means to support both local and global missions.

Currently living in Post Falls, Idaho with his beautiful family, Jeremy is serving Jesus amongst the body of believers at Real Life Ministries, pursuing his master's degree in worship through Northern Seminary, and blogs and shares live devotionals via a platform he has recently started called Influential Worship. 

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