Yancy Shares Her Calling of Inviting Children to Worship


Yancy's Little Praise Party series is back with Little Praise Party: Ready Set Go, offering 8 new songs in the highly popular worship music series that offers everything kids love, and everything parents value. The new project features animated videos for each song, complete with on-screen lyrics making it perfect for sing-along fun in the car, at home or at church. 

Yancy is a worship leader, producer and songwriter for kids that travels the globe doing family concerts and leading kids in worship. She has a heart for the Church and a burning passion to help this generation become the worshippers God created them to be. Through her music that makes Jesus loud, she produces worship resources including the series: "Kidmin Worship" (preteen/elementary) and "Little Praise Party" (young children). She also created "Heartbeat", a game-changing curriculum to help you teach kids the heart of worship. She lives in Nashville, TN with her husband, Cory and sons, Sparrow and Rhythm. 

Q: Yancy, great to be doing this interview with you.  Tell us a little about the Little Praise Party Series.

Thanks so much for having me. Little Praise Party started because I was writing songs to fill a need in my local church. Now on my fifth project in the series, I am still writing songs but now to serve the Church, capital C, around the world. Helping kids learn from an early age how to sing and give praise to God is something I am passionate about. I believe these songs will help kids celebrate God's love that is super wonderful!

Q: What and how were you inspired to write worship songs for children?

I started writing songs for kids filling a need. There was a summer camp program I wrote the theme song for and after a few years I thought, hey, I could write a few more kids songs and make an album. So that's how it started. I had no agenda or long range plans. I had already been in the music industry doing more normal CCM stuff for about nine years at this point. After some time I had more and more churches calling me to do family events and it became obvious God was leading me to focus in on music for kids and families.

Q: How is writing worship songs for kids different from writing songs for adults?

I try real hard to make great music that happens to be for kids. The biggest ingredient difference is the vocabulary of the songs. I generally start with the concept or the idea I want to teach them and help them learn. When I write songs for kids, I try to put the right bite-size piece for that age child to be able to learn and understand. I love writing songs that have BIG TRUTHS in them but are written in a fun, accessible way for kids to be able to get it.  As they sing along in the car, at home or school and church, God's Word is being planted in their heart.  I do not take this responsibility lightly. I am intentional and strategic about how I craft these songs. As I get to hear stories of how these songs make a difference in your families and ministries I am blown away. It's my greatest honor to be the soundtrack to your days. I am so grateful for all those that push play and allow me to be a part of what you do. 

Q: Tell us more about some of the subject matters you have dealt with in the latest release "Ready Set Go."

Well, the biggest one is the title track "Ready Set Go" Awhile back I got to visit the Ark Encounter which was amazing. Seeing the massive size of the ark Noah built, put it in a perspective that I couldn't understand before. My big takeaway from the experience was OBEDIENCE. Noah obeyed...... He heard God speak and he took action. Even when it didn't make sense. Even when everyone else questioned him and made fun of him, he moved forward in faith and obedience. We live our lives today because of the fruit of Noah obeying. 

I had the idea of Ready, Set, Go several years ago and just sat on it. I originally thought it would just be about the passage: "running our race for the prize" But after learning this lesson from Noah I realized you can't finish a race you never begin. I could have never written this song without learning how important our obedience is to whatever God is asking us to do. Whatever God is asking you to do, DO IT. The ripple effect of our obedience is greater than we could ever understand.

I reference alot of different Bible characters in the bridge of the song. All of them are heroes of the faith and I hope they will inspire us all to go and do the thing God has asked us to do.

Another key song is "Made In the Image". I believe it is a timely song for the climate our culture is in. This united song featuring Erskin Anavitarte. When we look at scripture it's easy to see that every person, every color, every race, every tongue was made in the image of God. We are all fearfully and wonderfully made. This is truth that so many need to be reminded of. Male, female, black, white, young and old: all made in the image of God! When I reflect back on the timing of writing and producing this song and then the timing scheduled for this song's release. I can't help but see God's hand and feel incredibly blessed to help share this message with everyone. It's needed in so many ways!" 

I tackle the potentially hard subject of hungering and thirsting for God in the fun and comedy filled "Hungry & Thirsty" featuring Funny Man Dan from Hillsong Kids. Again, I  love that my music gets to be the soundtrack to your days, and I love having seasonal songs for Easter (He's Alive, He's Alive), Mother's Day (I Love My Mom) and Christmas (Not About the Weather) that will help you have a praise party all year long.

Q: How can these songs help children in their spiritual walks?

Music has such sticking power. It's such an amazing way for us to learn. What we push play on matters. God's Word is true, no matter how young or old we are. The Bible doesn't change or suddenly apply because we reach a certain age. God's Word is just as true for kids as it is adults. I love the power of music because it sticks with us. I know that when I put God's Word in the songs that I write, those words will get planted down deep in their hearts. And those words of truth will replay in the days, weeks and years to come, and will help them in their walk with the Lord.  

Little Praise Party is about inviting young hearts to a relationship with Jesus by beginning a foundation of theology through the discipline of worship. I wrote these songs and crafted these arrangements with an intentional focus to this phase of life.

Q: This series comes with videos on DVD, how can families, camps and churches assess and use all these materials?

Yes, I make cartoon music videos for all of the songs. Families can see my videos on places like Minno, Yippee, TBN's Smile of a Child and I have DVD's available for families too. For churches and camps I have lots of worship resources and tools to help you lead worship. You can find the new project and more at

Q:  Is it your intention to make more albums and DVDs for this series?  Give us a sneak peak of what's ahead.

Yes! I love to make Jesus loud! I have more new songs coming out starting this fall. 8 more songs will be in a project called "Out of This World" so keep watch for that.

Thanks so much for having me. I hope families will have a blast playing these songs at home and on the go wherever they are. May these songs inspire your faith to walk in obedience each step of the way.   

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