Loulita Gill Releases Her New Worship Album "Poured Out"

Loulita Gill

Singer and songwriter Loulita Gill releases her brand new worship album Poured Out today. The album avails opportunities for us to pour out our worship to God in response to His outpouring of love, grace and mercy in our lives. Central to the record is Luke 7 where the woman poured out her perfume and tears over Jesus in gratitude for His forgiveness.  

Produced by Aron Bicskey, the album is a dream come true for Gill. Gill writes: "I have always wanted to record a worship album. I've been a worship leader for more than 15 years and during that time I've written songs that have been sung in church. So this was always part of my plan, calling, destiny and heart's desire."

Poured Out is preceded by two singles: "Grace and Mercy" and "Spirit of God." With regards to the former song, Gill reveals,"I wrote this song when I was really broken. We can't prevent our hearts from breaking, but we can use those opportunities to worship. God receives every offering of worship, even broken ones."

Meanwhile her song "Spirit of God" is a beautiful cry of the church for God to bring restoration and revival. "This song is a cry for renewal and restoration, which comes by the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. I love that this song is EDM and I also have turned this song into the bonus track on the album, an acoustic version." 

To find out more about Loulitta Gill, click here.

Track List

1. If Not for God

2. Spirit of God

3. More

4. I'll Still Believe

5. I Draw Near

6. Grace and Mercy

7. How Beautiful Your Love

8. Somebody Like Me

9. Through a Billion Voices

10. Worship Your Name

11. Spirit of God (Acoustic) 

About Loulita Gill:

There are now or never moments in life. I had mine in 2017 when I knew that if I didn't do something with my music I most likely never would. I contacted a friend who owns a production company and asked if I could come and sing him a couple of songs. One week later I was in the studio, 6 months later my debut album, The Last Twelve Years, was released, which was followed by 7 singles. I never anticipated the amazing responses I would receive to my music. Many of my songs have been playlisted on radio stations around the world and I've had so many messages from people about how it's made a huge difference in their life. This has given me hope and also made me realise that my whole ministry is about bringing hope to others. I am a complex trauma survivor and life has not been easy but I want to use all my bad experiences to help others get through theirs. You will hear that in my music and also in the book I'm writing. Apart from an artist, I'm a wife to Joe and mum to three beautiful boys, Emmanuel, Isaiah and Nathaniel. 



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