The Afters ‘Life is Beautiful’ drops April 16; band to tour with Francesca Battistelli

The Afters

Pop/rock band The Afters from Dallas, TX, is readying for their new release titled Life is Beautiful. The new project will drop April 16, 2013 on Fair Trade Services. Later this week, on March 21, The Afters will hit the road on the 'Hundred More Years Tour' also featuring Francesca Battistelli, Love & The Outcome, and Kyle Sherman.

The 3:46-minute single which opens the album titled “Every Good Thing” is already available. The new project carries 12 songs total including:

1. Every Good Thing

2. Breathe In Breathe Out

3. Broken Hallelujah

4. Moments Like This

5. Find Your Way

6. Life Is Beautiful

7. Love Is In The Air

8. Believe (Waiting For An Answer)

9. What We're Here For

10. With You Always

11. In My Eyes

12. This Life

Josh shares about the title track, which was featured in the movie ‘October Baby,’ “Our new song Life is Beautiful is a one that is really special to all of us in the band. It came right out of our lives and I hope it's a reminder of all the things that make every life so beautiful. Every day is a gift...a new chance to live for the important things, and to be everything that God made us to be. Please check it out and let us know what you think.”

While the band worked on the project, they exposed some of the lyrics from their yet unreleased songs.  

"I've seen joy and I've seen pain, and on my knees I call Your name. Here's my broken Hallelujah. With nothing left to hold onto, I raise these empty hands to You. Here's my broken Hallelujah" - From The Afters new (unreleased) song "Broken Hallelujah."

"For every moment of your life. For every smile and tear you cry. Even when your heart will break, when it feels like more than you can take. Through every single sleepless night and every battle that you fight. From now until the end of time...I am with you always" - From The Afters new (unreleased) song "With You Always"

For The Afters' tour dates visit 

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