Pepsi and Christian Music

Pepsi Christian Artist Can Panel Series
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(Pictured L-R): Matthew West, Lee Crisp (Pepsi MidAmerica), Francesca Battistelli, Stacie Crisp, Matt Maher and TobyMac
This fall, those of you who drink Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dew may be surprised to see familiar faces on your cans. Earlier this week, Pepsi MidAmerica unveiled their new Christian Artist Can Panel Series, sharing the who (which artists) and the why of the Series.

Pepsi drinkers in Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee and Kentucky will see Matthew West on 3 million cans. Francesca Battistelli will be the face of Diet Pepsi. Dr. Pepper, whose slogan is "There's just more to it," will feature Matt Maher, making this another great fit since there is much more to the popular worship artist than just his songs. Lastly, Mountain Dew and tobyMac pair up, meaning there would be quite a bit of tobyMac in my household if we lived in one of those states, since Dew is our soda of choice!

Each of the 12 million cans in the series (3 million per artist) won't just feature a cool design; each can will also have a link offering a free song download from the artist associated with the can.

The why behind the promotion is even better than the who involved. In a press release, President & COO of Pepsi MidAmerica Lee Crisp said, "Pepsi MidAmerica is honored to partner with K-LOVE to present the Christian Artist Can Panel series featuring some of Christian music's finest artists. These Pepsi cans were originally intended to quench thirst but now we realize they're able to quench a deeper thirst…a thirst of the soul."

Franny Battistelli added, "It is so surreal to see my face on a Pepsi can. I am beyond excited to see God reach many lives through these cans and the songs each artist is giving away. It's a fantastic honor."

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