10 Inspiring Quotes from the Upcoming New Book "Faithful"


Faithful is a book that will be released on May 1st by David C. Cook. The book features a collection of stories, lyrics, photos, and art created and curated by some of today's most distinguished and thoughtful Christian artists and authors. 

Amanda Bible Williams, Ann Voskamp, Ginny Owens, Kelly Minter, Kelly Needham, Lisa Harper, Raechel Myers, Ruth Chou Simons, Sally Lloyd-Jones, Sarah Macintosh, Savannah Locke, and Trillia Newbell, with an introduction by Amy Grant, gathered to create this keepsake book that celebrates God and the enduring legacy of women in the Bible.  

Here are 10 inspring quotes from the book:

"By risking her life to save the spies, Rahab put her life in Yahweh's hands, thereby surrendering her life to Him, the one true God." (Amanda Bible Williams, p. 21).

"I've discovered that being transformed into the image of Christ is infinitely more valuable than the personal achievements." (Kelly Minter, p. 35).

"We've shrunk the category of what is world-changing to what is Instagrammable." (Kelly Needham, p. 48).

"The deepest wounds can be the very catalysts that cause us to reach towards Him." (Lisa Harper, p. 64).

"God chose to write His redemption story through the most unlikely women." (Ruth Chou Simmons, p. 85).

"Even at the darkest hour, even as his heart is breaking, grace is reaching for us in the dark..." (Sally Lloyd-Jones, p. 97) 

"Forgiving this person meant letting go of other things too. It meant letting go of being a victim." (Savannah Locke, p. 110).

"I can affirm that a great deal of my learning to trust the Lord for my future --- clinging to my Savior --- has gone through sorrows." (Trilla Newbell, p. 126).

"When you faithfully practice your gratitude muscle day in and day out, your soul remembers what to do in a crisis." (Ann Voskamp, p. 155).

"At our core, many of us believe prayer is a nice idea, but at the end of the day, we think it is up to us to save our lives." (Ginny Owens, p. 170).



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