New Worship Songs for Easter

New Worship Songs for Easter

Easter is only a couple of weeks. As worship leaders are preparing to engage the congregations with new expressions of worship in response to history's greatest event, here are some songs that could help. 

1. Josh Baldwin "Evidence" (listen HERE)

As the world becomes more and more skeptical about how a man can die and be resurrected three days later, "Evidence" offers a great response to it. Anchoring the reality of the death and resurrection of Jesus in our own experiences and the Cross, this song is not just a great worship anthem, it has a way of reaching skeptics too.

2. CeCe Winans "I Have a Savior" (listen HERE)

Easter is not just about eggs and bunnies. Rather, it's message couldn't be clearer than the title of Winans' new tune "I have a Savior." It's all about the Savior, nothing more and nothing less. 

3. Phil Wickham "Battle Belongs" (listen HERE)

All through history and spanning across cultures, people are trying to eradicate fear and death. Without Christ, all such fights are on the losing side, Wichkam rightly reminds us that the battle belongs to God and the weapon of victory is always the cross.

4. Hillsong Worship featuring Jenn Johnson, Childima and Passion "Agnus Dei / King Of Kings" (listen HERE)

Combining "Agus Dei" with their hit single "King of Kings" is a brilliant move in itself. "King of Kings" is a much needed Easter song because it presents the full story of Jesus: who he is, what he did, and why he is so great.  

5. Elevation Worship featuring Brandon Lake "Graves into Gardens" (listen HERE)

The resurrection of Jesus isn't just a historic event, it still changes history. Elevation Worship's tune reminds us that this resurrected Christ still changes us today: You turn graves into gardens, You turn bones into armies/You turn seas into highways, You're the only one who can/You're the only one who can.



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