Joseph Habedank On Why "Change is Coming" Is His Most Important Album of His Career

Joseph Habedank

GRAMMY®-nominated singer-songwriter Joseph Habedank is releasing his most diverse and his most important record of his career. On April 30th, Habedank and Daywind Records will be releasing Change Is Coming.  The new record will featture ten tracks co-written by Habedack with some of the industry's most esteemed songwriters including Jason Cox, Scotty Inman, Jonathan Smith, Tony Wood, Michael Farren, Jesse Reeves, Nick Romes, Kenna Turner West, Dave Clark, Don Koch, Benji Cowart, Lee Black, Sue C. Smith, and Wayne Haun. 

According to Habedank, this is the most important record of his career. Written during the COVID-19 pandemic, Habedank took an introspective look into his own live and co-wrote songs that are not only dear to his heart but they tackle issues few songwriters are wiling to talk about. "I wanted to talk about things that other people weren't talking about in their music; things like addiction, religion, holiness, Judas, and even the idea that Jesus was a rebel. These aren't notions that other singer-songwriters choose to sing about, but I felt it was time to talk about some of the hard stuff."

Nevertheless, the songs are not just novel for novelty sake. They are written also to bring hope to the listener's life. Habedank continues: "On the flip side of that, I wanted to offer a lot of hope on this record. Don't be surprised to hear a song or two about the Second Coming, Heaven, and of course, redemption. Most importantly, when you listen to this record for the first time, I challenge you to not just skim through it, but rather, take the time to fully listen to the lyrics and the message behind these songs, because something great is on the horizon..."

The first single, "Religion Isn't Working," releases to radio today. Listen here.

Dusty Wells, Director of Artist and Label Relations for Daywind Music Group, agrees that Change is Comining is an important record in Habedank's career. He shares: "This new project, Change Is Coming, will be a career album for Joseph. It's the record he was destined to make. The songs and heart behind it will challenge, encourage, and motivate listeners into a new place with Jesus. I am so proud of Joseph for stepping out and bringing us music that will certainly comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. After all, that is what we are all called to do." 


1. Thief in the Night
2. Change Is Coming*
3. Religion Isn't Working
4. Jericho
5. 24 Hours
6. Child of the King
7. Judas
8. Rebel With a Cause
9. Not Far from Home
10. Rise Above Eden 

Executive Producer: Dottie Leonard Miller
Produced By: Wayne Haun, Joseph Habedank, Lindsay Habedank
*Co-Produced: Kris Crunk
A&R Direction: Dusty Wells

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