Jonathan Ogden On "Songs from Home:" "I Want this EP to Reflect Simplicity"

James Ogden

UK-based singer and songwriter Jonathan Ogden has released his brand new EP.  Songs from Home features 5 acoustic guitar-based worship songs that are reflective, intimate, and yet they have a way of touching our souls. Ogden wants this EP to reflect simplicity. an approach that is quite different from his usual sound of blending bedroom pop with hip-hop and electronic music.  

One fan describes the songs this way:"Jonathan's songs are like the comforting and encouraging words of a mother spoken to a child who is about to enter into dreamland alone. Sweet songs to carry you into your nights and days."

These five songs were written by Ogden during the pandemic. During the lockdown in 2020, a verse from Matthew 6 came to Ogden's mind: "But when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret..." Ogden took this as an invitation to return to the secret place of prayer and worship at home. 

Ogden recalls: "I began to write songs from this place. Simple songs of worship and devotion. Songs that brought hope in the mundane moments. Songs of wrestling with all the thoughts and emotions that come from being alone with the Lord. In some ways I even wondered if these songs were to be shared."

Odgen wants to keep the sound of these songs intimate and worshipful. So he decided to use an acoustic guitar as the songs' major accompaniment.  Ogden goes on recount how God miraculously provided for him. "I remember the day when I started to consider recording these songs as an EP. It seemed a little thing, but I thought about how nice it would be to use a nylon string guitar to capture the close, acoustic feel of home-made songs. The very next day, somebody I had never met reached out to tell me that they wanted to send me a nylon string guitar!"

Listen to "Sufficient for Me" here.


01. Alright
02. Miles & Miles
03. Sufficient For Me
04. Love That Never Ends
05. Jesus My Beloved (feat. Kindred Worship) 

You can purchase the album or find out more about Ogden here.

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