Enterline Wants to Ignite Our Passions for Jesus


Enterline, which comprises of married duo and worship leaders Drew & Melanie Enterline, want to ignite our passions for Jesus. Their brand new EP Colors Bright, released by BEC Recordings, comprises of 4 worship songs to help us accomplish this. Already a worship favorite for many is the single "At the Sound of Your Name."  Listen here.

Your miracles now echo through

Like a mighty wind, like a mountain moved 

Let hope arise from Your empty grave

Our hearts awake at the sound of Your name

With regards to Colors Bright, the duo write: "This is about moving from a state of apathy to a state of passion.We believe that when this move is made, it's then that you are able to see breakthrough in yourself and others around you.

Moving from the the grey to seeing the vibrancy in the all things makes life that much better. Sometimes it's reaching out for perspective and a lot of the times it's just in listening and learning, either way it's all about discovering the Colors Bright."

Enterline have been writing and recording music together since early 2014. They came out with their first EP "In Heaven's Light" in 2015 followed by their first full-length record entitled "Kingdoms." They are currently signed to BEC Recordings and they are based in Costa Mesa, CA. They have been able to share at many churches & conferences (part of the Calvary Chapel network) over the years growing their exposure.   


01. Colors Bright
02. King of Heaven
03. At The Sound of Your Name
04. You Brought Me Through 

You can listen to the full Colors Bright EP by clicking here: 

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