Here Are the Lyrics and Official Video of Housefires' "Bless the Lord At All Times"


Housefires have released their brand new single and video. "Bless the Lord at All Times," which features worship leader Nate Moore, is taken from the collecrive's forthcoming album HOUSEFIRES VII. The song, which was written by Moore, Tony Brown, Kirby Kaple and Jonathan Jay, is a testimony of how God never leaves us in our troubled and ancious times. Therefore, our rightful response is to worship and bless the Lord.

One fans writes, "Been listening to you guys since 2014... Thank for you continually putting out songs that truly exalt Christ. When I was a new follower I didn't understand your music, or any "Christian" music, but one day while listening to "One Thing" my heart and mind were opened to the SOUND of worship. Since then your music had been the backdrop to my relationship with Jesus. There is a WORD in your worship! Thank you again for your obedience, and praise the Lord."

Watch the video of "Bless the Lord at All Times" here.  

Here are the lyrics:

Verse 1

God you met me in my doubt

Turned my anxious thoughts around

Let your praise be in my mouth

My whole life, my whole life

Open up my eyes to see

Perfect love moving towards me

You have shown up faithfully

My whole life, my whole life


I will bless the Lord at all times, at all times

My soul will sing of your love at all times, at all times Verse

Verse 2:

You've got the whole world in your hands

So I surrender to your plans

You've been a father and a friend

My whole life, my whole life You're resurrecting buried dreams

Waking up the dead in me

We've been making history

My whole life, my whole life


With every breath I breathe in,

I give it back in praise Lord I will keep on singing, for all of my days, for all my days 


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