CLINE Re-Learns About God's Refuge with New EP


CLINE will be releasing their brand new worship EP Acoustic EP: Volume One tomorrow. The trio comprises of Garrett Cline, his wife Jacquelyn, and his brother, Darrick. The EP is preceded by two singles: "Anchor" and "Refuge." 

The EP was birthed during the COVID-19 pademic where the three band members lost their jobs. It was during this time when God opened the door for the trio. They started making a record with the help of songwriter and producer Curt Gibbss. "Refuge" was the first song they wrote together during the pandemic.

Speaking to New Release Today, Jacquelyn talks about the song "Refuge," "We knew Jesus is our refuge. But, during this pandemic, we're learning that in a completely--yet very unexpected--new way. I love the lyrics that Darrick mentioned, "A broken melody/I bring to the throne of God." Even my best song is still not worthy to bring to God. But, because of Jesus, that's what he wants. He wants all of it.

Because of Jesus, God only sees the good in me. So I'm worthy to bring Him all my broken pieces. That's part of the lesson we're learning as we navigate through the pandemic. It's saying to God, "We're broken. We don't know why we're having to go through this season of brokenness, but we're still going to offer you this. We're going to trust that you're our refuge." The song expresses what we were learning in that season."


1. Anchor

2. Refuge

3. Wind and Waves

To find out more about CLINE, click here.

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