Evan Craft Hopes to Reach a Greater World with His Bilingual New EP

Evan Craft

Evan Craft has just released his brand new EP Desesperado Reborn. Evans is a Christian singer and songwriter, best known for original praise and worship songs in both English and Spanish. The new EP contains songs in both English and Spanish. This is Craft's 4th album in Spanish and 3rd album in English. 

Ever since he was a little boy, Craft has the passion to reach the world for Christ. Craft furthered his linguistic studies in college, attending schools in Spain and Costa Rica. He also began writing songs in Spanish. His debut Spanish-language album, Yo Soy Segundo, was released in 2012 on Dream Records and distributed through Universal. He followed it by joining with friends and fellow musicians Sean and Ryan Cook and Nico Aranda; they traveled and delivered an evangelical message through their performances in numerous Spanish churches, schools, and orphanages. 

Considering this to be his mission in life and his best way to serve God, Evan began posting videos to YouTube, and issuing Spanish translations of his English songs as well as Spanish covers of popular English worship tunes. As a result, Yo Soy Segundo landed on various Christian radio and download charts. He followed it with the album Jovenes Somos in 2014.

His YouTube presence exploded, and created a popular demand that allowed him to tour churches and other venues all across Latin America through the rest of that year and into 2015. Returning home during the winter, he began recording a new album of congregational anthems. Entitled Principio Y Fin, the 19-song set on Essancy Music was released in July 2015. 


01. Desesperado (Acoustic)
02. Reborn (Acoustic)
03. The Devil Is A Liar (Acoustic)
04. Praying For The Same Things (Acoustic)
05. Tu Senor (Acoustic) 

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