Worship Duo For the Fatherless Speak of How the Birth of their Son Inspired "Poetry"

For the Fatherless

Worship duo For the Fatherless' Brian and Christa Yak both were raised without their biological fathers. Brian's dad abandoned the family when Brian was a baby, while Christa's father died of a brain tumor during her childhood. After a miscarriage, the birth of their son last year was particularly meaningful for Brian and Christa. The baby brought so much joy to the couple that he is the inspiration behind their newly released EP Poetry.

"These songs are special because they were written and recorded in one of the hardest, most beautiful seasons of my life," For The Fatherless' Christa Yak explains. "Becoming a mom during a global pandemic was overwhelmingly isolating, and sometimes I wondered if I would ever get to sing again. Singing is different now and these songs are different because we are different now. This music marks a new season of singing."
"Creating this new music is a reflection of the joy we've felt welcoming our first son into the world," the duo's Brian Yak echoes. "I hope when others hear these songs, they feel inspired to take a step of faith closer to Jesus. Whatever questions we're wrestling with or struggles we're facing belong at His feet, and it takes a lot of faith to bring them there. Hopefully these songs help inspire that kind of faith in all of us." 
"I hope Poetry can bring joy to others after this isolating and often depressing time so many of us have experienced," Christa adds. "I also hope our songs remind others of these truths: when the world around and within me is unstable and uncertain, God is steady and unchanging; when I am struggling with anxiety and fear, God is constantly inviting me into His presence to be covered by the perfect Love that casts out fear; when I doubt myself, God says I am fearfully and wonderfully made and He has a purpose for my life and loves me with a faithful love."    


1 Poetry
2 Never a Day
3 Faithfully Mine
4 Immeasurably More (Remix) 

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