Shawn McDonald is Struggling to Find a Job and a Place to Stay

Shawn McDonald

CCM artist and songwriter Shawn McDonald, known for his hits such as "Gravity," "Captivity" and "Free," has been hit hard by the pandemic. He and his family have moved to Phoenix AZ and he is currently looking for a job and a place to stay.

He writes, "Hello everyone! Ok so update! My family and I have recently gone through a ton of life changes. After the lock down of Covid I guess you could somewhat say we were kind of awakened to the reality that everything is very unstable at this current time. We desperately were searching for work and ways to survive the non social world we found our selves in. Music and touring is completely social gathering focused making this season a roller coaster.

All that to say I decided to pursue others means of survival. We packed up our home and decided to head west. We have found ourselves in Phoenix AZ after a job opportunity presented its self here. The reason I'm updating is after arriving in Phoenix we are now faced with the insane housing market and finding a house to rent literally feels impossible.

I guess what I'm asking or hoping is that maybe someone in the area would know where to point us, has a home for rent or knows someone renting. I'm asking for help if anyone possibly knows of something. Appreciate the thought and your time."

The pandemic has dried up his opportunities to tour and to release new music.  "As an artist trying to sharing music the difficulty became an uphill battle. Touring disappeared and survival became the search."


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