Abi Gledhill Reaches Into Her Own Story for Her EP "Meet Me Here"

Abi Gledhill

Currently based in Derby, UK, Abi Gledhill has released her brand new EP Meet Me Here. Gledhill  has been a part of leading worship at St Werburgh's Church for the past 3 years. She gained experiences from living both in various places in the UK and in Winnipeg, Canada. Throughout 2021, Gledhill has been releasing singles from her debut EP. 

These songs are deeply personal to Gledhill and they all came out of her own journey. She confesses, "The past few years have been quite the rollercoaster, but I truly believe that God works all things for good - as hard as that can be to believe in the moment.

Meet Me Here, this collection of songs, they are the story of those moments: the moments of questioning, of anger and confusion, of overwhelming anxiety and in each and every panic attack, moments of aching and moments of breaking, but also moments of hope and joy, moments of freedom and trusting, moments of closeness, of being held in the middle of the fear. I pray that these songs can help bring language to what you may be experiencing, that you can know that He will meet you right where you are.

He is not disappointed, He is not ashamed. You are so Loved no matter how much you don't believe it. No matter how broken you think you may be, no matter the pain you are feeling, He will meet you there. He will meet you here "


1 Victory
2 You Save Me
3 Even When
4 Will You Still
5 Loved 

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