Mayweather and T.I Drama Over Tiny: Mayweather Supposedly gave Distasteful Remarks on Tiny and T.I After She Ignored Him on BET

Mayweather and T.I Drama

Mayweather and T.I Drama Over Tiny; Mayweather Supposedly gave Distasteful Remarks on Tiny and T.I After She Ignored Him on BET

The last few months have been a rollercoaster of drama between Mayweather and T.I concerning his wife. It all started in May when they fought over feelings that Mayweather had an indecent relationship with Tiny, T.I's wife. Mayweather speaking at a recent press conference gave a lot of expletives over T.I and made implications that he was having a sexual relationship with Tiny. At the time, the crowd was full of the boxer's fans and there was a lot of cheering which caused him to smile while continuing to trash talk the rapper and his wife. This was before the fight he was scheduled to have with Marcos Maidana. This started in May when T.I had a confrontation with the boxer accusing him of being hands on with his wife. Apparently, Mayweather was very matter of fact at the time saying all the wrong things and T.I flipped causing them to brawl. Now Mayweather seems to be retracting what he said at the press conference saying that he was taken out of context and that, the accusation was the whole story in the first place.

He is quoted as saying that he respects Tiny's relationship with T.I and that he is her friend was before T.I came into the picture having known her way back. He claims to have not had any relationship or feelings of the sort toward Tiny. However, it seems that their friendship may not be reparable any time soon. Tiny stated that he was probably trying to get her back for refusing to acknowledge him last month on the BET awards red carpet. As for T.I it seems that he has calmed down and is showing everyone that he is taking the high road by having nothing but good things to say about the boxer.

He is quoted saying 'I hope he is enjoying himself. God bless him'. It is quite interesting that Mayweather has also embarked on a social media cleansing by posting about his imperfections and that he was committed to being a better person and raising his son. Overall it is clear that things are still quite frosty between Mayweather and the couple and will be for some time.


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