Matt Maher Takes the Time to Talk About His New Song "Leaning"

Matt Maher

Multi-award-winning artist and songwriter Matt Maher releases his new single "Leaning" featuring Lizzie Morgan. The song is a powerful reminder that in life's toughest seasons we're not alone. Maher, who penned the song with Lizzie Morgan, Jacob Sooter, and Brian Elmquist, takes the time to talk about the new song. 

Maher shares, "There are times in life where on either side of a difficult season you're either asking, 'How am I going to get through this?' or, you're on the other side looking back in amazement saying, 'How did I get through this?' That's where I find that the most sincere, real, authentic prayers get prayed." 

He continues, "You're praying out of desperation or gratitude and you find out what your support structure looks like - friends, family, loved ones who come around you hold you up. They become real signposts for the face of Jesus. But what about those who have no one? What does Jesus have to say to them? He says, 'I no longer call you strangers, I call you friends. This is what I find so compelling about the friendship of God and the message of Christianity. Life is not a stacked tower of personal achievement, pride, egos, success, or's extending to others what Jesus says in the scriptures. 'In this world, you will have trouble. But you are not alone. You can put your weight on me.'"  

What a fellowship
What a joy divine
What a priceless gift
God I'm yours and you are mine
Let my restless soul
Be still and know
I am leaning on your everlasting arms

"Leaning," which is the first of many new songs to be released from Maher this year, will be heard live along with many of his previous hits while he's on the road throughout 2022. You can download/stream the song now on all digital platforms

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