Klaus Mikaelson returns this October with the second season of "The Originals"

The Originals

Get ready to mark your calendars as one of TV's high-rating show 'The Originals' is set to return on CW on October 6, 2014. When the show comes back for its second season, the characters of the show are in for quite a treat as they will soon be facing a new villain.  Joseph Morgan, the actor behind "Klaus" has even tweeted that this fall will be having a "Mikaelson" Monday, and we are beyond ready for it.

The Originals was actually a spin-off from the high-rating series, The Vampire Diaries which focuses on the original family where all vampires and hybrids have originated. Phoebe Tonkin, the actress behind the character of "Hayley", mother of Klaus' child has hinted to the fans that her character is off to the dark side. According to her, her character will be very damaged and broken to the point that is already heartbreaking.

Another source tells us that there will be a shift on the focus of the show. It will only be vampires that will be the stars of the show. Later on when the show returns, it will be more on the side of werewolves, with a plot being woven on this very particular matter.

If there's one thing we learn from this series as well as the others, it is that the dead never really stays dead. Sometimes, the dead goes back to life, sometimes they seek for revenge, and make the story even more interesting.  So keep your eyes peeled for the undead. 



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