Getting to Know Worship Duo Fox & Foal As They Talk About Their Journey & New Christmas Single

Fox & Foal

Up-and-coming, folk-inspired worship duo Fox & Foal have released their brand new single "Emmanuel." Fox & Foal comprise of Dave Williams and Brooke Hobbs. They first began leading worship together at the University of Arkansas Wesley College Ministry in the fall of 2015. After a few years of serving on staff in the local church they began writing original songs together that were inspired by the move of God in their own lives.

A call to lead their congregation in true surrender to a new life in Christ remains a constant theme in several of their songs, including "Overflow," "I Am Yours," and "Give It All." 

Q: Dave and Brooke, thanks for doing this interview with us. Why do you call yourselves Fox and Foal?

Thanks for having us! Our name Fox & Foal comes from our mission as worship leaders - to connect the people of God with the presence of God. The Fox represents human nature, where the Foal represents the glory of God.

Q: Share with us your journey. How did the Lord lead the two of you together and going into the music/worship ministry?

We actually met back in 2015 where we began leading worship together at the University of Arkansas Wesley College Ministry. After a few years of serving on staff in a local church in Fayetteville, we began writing original songs together inspired by the move of God in our own lives and in the lives of our congregation at that time. Fast forward to 2022, and we are both in Little Rock serving as Worship Leaders at two different United Methodist churches across town!

Q: How would you describe your sound and influences?

We definitely draw from the singer/songwriter genre and try to lean into a more stripped down sound - which you don't find in a lot of modern worship music these days. After All Sons & Daughters left the scene, we felt there was a hole for that kind of sound, so we definitely are influenced by their past records. We are also huge fans of Relient K and Drew Holcomb's songwriting.

Q: You have just released an EP. Tell us a little about it.

We released a 5 song EP in 2020. We had the opportunity to work with incredible producers and musicians to help make that EP possible! We were excited about where it was going and the response that it had, but the pandemic sidelined a lot of our plans. We are just stoked to be back in the same city writing and creating music again!

Q: What's the story behind your latest song "Emmanuel"?

Growing up United Methodist, we both really value liturgical seasons so we wanted to write a song that emphasizes the feeling of "waiting" that we find in Advent leading up to Christmas day. This season is full of joy and hope, but for so many, it is also a season of darkness and anxious anticipation for what is to come. But we trust that in whatever season we're in, God meets us where we are and we wanted to write a song that speaks to that.

This song does differ from our EP because we recorded and produced it ourselves. We truly wrote this song for our local churches to sing, and are blown away by the response it has received.

Q: Speaking of Christmas, what does Christmas mean to you?

Christmas, the birth of Jesus, reminds us that no one is too far away from God's love. God is with us in whatever season we may be in.

Q: What can we expect from you as we step into 2023?

More songs! We've been on a writing kick and hope to release a record in 2023! Stay tuned.


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