John Stemberger Honors March for Life Founder Nellie Gray and Other Pro-Life Leaders in New Book

John Stemberger

John Stemberger, president and general counsel of the Florida Family Policy Council, has edited a new book "Legacy of Life," which is set for release on June 26, 2023. The limited-edition commemorative table book contains 50 tributes to the most influential pro-life leaders from the last 50 years (living and deceased), all written by 50 of America's most respected national influencers. Each leader is honored with a tribute, personal photos, and a customized frame in this extraordinary collection of inspiring life stories of resilience, bravery, and commitment.

As the nation prepares to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the monumental Dobbs v. Jackson Supreme Court ruling, "Legacy of Life" works to bring to light the stories of those who laid the groundwork to overturning Roe v. Wade.

Stemberger writes, "The purpose of this commemorative book is three-fold: to honor, to educate, and to inspire. First, we want to honor those who dedicated their lives to this noble cause, both the living and the dead, that brought us to this remarkable moment. The book's second goal is to educate the public about the history of the pro-life movement through accessible stories about the lives and work of these 50 leaders. The book's third and most important goal is to motivate and inspire the next generation to become champions for life in the greatest human rights struggle of the last century."

One leader that inspired the nation on behalf of the pro-life movement is Nellie Gray, the founder of the March for Life, the largest annual pro-life event in the world. Born in 1924, Gray served in the Women's Army Corps in World War II. Afterward, she obtained a law degree from Georgetown University and was admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of the United States. Gray was a relentless advocate for human life, recognizing that the sancity of innocent life was immovable. She proclaimed repeatedly that American law should not tolerate "even a little bit of abortion." Her passion and fervor for the sanctity of life led to the March for Life to become a nationwide movement, with Gray personally convincing President Ronald Reagan to speak at the 1988 March for Life.

Nellie Gray's influence is detailed further in "Legacy of Life" by a contribution from Chuck Donovon, president of the Charlotte Lozier Institute. This momentous book not only highlights additional legacy leaders in the pro-life movement, such as Ronald Reagan, Francis Schaeffer, and Mother Teresa, but also tells inspiring personal stories of these heroes that have not been told before. Additionally, the book will bring a surprise to readers as today's top living pro-life leaders in America will be revealed during the "Legacy of Life" book launch in June.

"Legacy of Life" will be available for purchase on June 26, 2023, but is available for preorder now. For more information, visit



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