New Inspirational Film "Flamin’ Hot" is Fox Searchlight Pictures’ Most-Watched Streaming Movie of All Time

Flamin’ Hot

The new inspirational movie "Flamin' Hot," which premiered on June 9, has become the most-watched streaming movie ever for Fox Searchlight Pictures. According to Whip Media's TV Time, it was the seventh most streamed film across all platforms the weekend of June 9 - 11 2023.

"Flamin' Hot," released by Fox Searchlight Pictures, is named after the Frito-Lay snack that became a food phenomenon. It recounts the incredible story of Montañez, the son of Mexican immigrants who grew up as a farmworker in Southern California. A school dropout who struggled with reading and writing, Montañez was a janitor at a Frito-Lay factory in Rancho Cucamonga, California, when he thought about adding chili spice to the original Cheeto chip. His initiative turned into a multibillion-dollar idea and transformed him into an executive at a multinational corporation.

"Flamin' Hot" boasts many industry firsts:

  • It is officially the most-watched streaming premiere ever from Fox Searchlight Pictures.
  • It is the first movie about a Hispanic person with a Hispanic producer, writer, director, and leading man and woman. 
  • It is the first faith-family movie streaming on Disney + and Hulu simultaneously.
  • It is the first picture directed by Hollywood star Eva Longoria.

In response to the film's success, the movie's producer Samuel Rodriguez said: 

"The runaway success of 'Flamin' Hot' is not only because it tells the inspirational story of Richard Montañez, but also because it tells the story of every American of every race who had the audacity, faith, and determination to take the American Dream to heart and say, 'Why not me?' It is the story of everyone who has been discounted, diminished or dismissed but overcame anyway."

Rodriguez congratulated Disney+ and Hulu for carrying a movie about faith and family, saying, "I hope it will inspire many more to come."




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