Citizens Unveil a New Acoustic Version of "to know you"


Unveiling a new addition to their acoustic series with "to know you," Citizens reinforce the message at the core of their latest album that life is a cycle of continuous discovery that keeps us humble and hopeful, curious and faithful. The song explores the complexity and ever-evolving story of being human, in which we all share the common thread of mystery and redemption.

"The more we take the time to get to know one another, the more we learn about God, and consequently the more we learn about ourselves," says lead singer Zach Bolen.

With this new acoustic single, Citizens inspire us that to know God more is to be present as image-bearers to the world around us. 

Writing songs with honesty and artistry - songs that tell true stories of their journeys - is the heartbeat of Zach, Brian, Connor, Adam, and Daniel, who collectively make up the band Citizens.

The Seattle-born band has an abundance of talent as musicians and writers, crafting beautiful and engaging songs full of musical creativity and substance. Citizens' desire has always been that their songs would be approachable and accessible, creating space for people to connect to the music and each other, wherever they're at. After five albums on which their unique alternative rock sound has been refined, Citizens 'I Can't Find The Edges of You' on February 24, 2023.

The seasoned band are exploring a deeper discovery of God through their latest project, engaging their listeners' imagination, and inspiring them to reconsider perceptions of the Divine with a sound that pushes the boundaries of what "Church music" usually sounds like. Citizens' heartbeat is to pull up a seat at the table for conversation. Their music is a place for questions and perspective shifts, and hopefully a person's own deeper discovery of an ever-present God. 

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