Relive the "Greatest Hits" of the McKameys on their Latest Compilation Album

The McKameys

In the annals of Southern Gospel music, few artists have been more beloved across the arc of their careers than The McKameys. On the road for some 65 years, the group eventually spanned three generations of the McKamey family, including Southern Gospel Music Association Hall of Fame members Peg McKamey Bean and Ruben Bean, and earned the devotion of even more generations of fans moved by the depth of their talents, the breadth of their songs and, most of all, the profound faith given expression in the musical ministry they embodied.   

Now, a generous collection of their biggest hits and most enduring numbers is available for streaming and downloading by old fans wishing to revisit their favorites - and new fans searching for an easy-to-find selection that focuses on The McKameys' most accessible songs. Greatest Hits includes virtually every one of their singles, including a groundbreaking 20 #1 hits, beginning with 1984's "Who Put The Tears In The Eyes Of The Lamb" and ending with 2015's "Pure Satisfaction."  

Yet for each one of these chart-topping songs of faith, there is one that may have not gone all the way to the top, but still found a place in the hearts of the Southern Gospel faithful - songs like "Prayer Changes Me," "God Saves Old Sinners," "Living For Eternity" and "There Is Jesus." And the set closes with the McKameys' last two singles, "God Is Good" and "From Dust To Glory," drawn from their final studio album, 2019's The Crown.  

"In looking back through the years of our ministry we were truly blessed with some wonderful songs that blessed so many people but were a blessing to us singing them as well," says Peg and Ruben's daughter and longtime group member, Connie Fortner. "Our songs were our ministry, and God used each one of them in special ways to lift Him up, to point people to Him and to help others along their journey. Now we would like to share 40 of our greatest hits with you, and we pray that they bless you and encourage you as you let the words to the songs minister to you. We love you."

Listen to Greatest Hits HERE

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