Bobbi Storm's "We Can't Forget Him" Remains at #1 This Week

Bobbi Storm

Singer and songwriter Bobbi Storm's latest single "We Can't Forget Him" remains at the #1 position on Billboard's Hot Gospel Song chart after debutting on the top position last week.The song has also received more than 1 million views on YouTube in less than three weeks, delivering a melodic tribute to God with lyrics that demonstrate surrendering to his will.

Her upcoming debut album is in the works but in the meantime, she can be heard through her consistent "holy mixes" as well as new features on Maverick City Music's new album "The Maverick Way Complete" out now. 

Growing up Catholic, Bobbi Storm's journey led her to her current path as a devoted Christian artist. After meeting her current boyfriend on tour, he introduced her to the church, prompting the beginning of her walk with God. Despite initial doubts, they persisted through challenges with defining their relationship, their living arrangements and financial hurdles. Amid these struggles, Bobbi's unwavering faith led her to seek God's guidance and ultimately give her life to Christ in October 2021.

Bobbi's music is a testament to the healing power of faith. She personally believes God healed her body of lesions, hearing issues, and nodules on her vocal cords. Bobbi is not only a survivor of multiple sclerosis but also an advocate for others who face similar challenges. She actively supports the Multiple Sclerosis Organization, We Are ILL to raise awareness and encourage solidarity.



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