Anchor Hymns Minister to Those Who Are Experiencing Loss & Longing with New EP

Anchor Hymns

Introducing Anchor Hymns' latest EP, "No Home But You," - a heartfelt musical journey born from the depths of friendship, faith, and the exploration of finding belonging in the arms of Jesus. Anchor Hymns, a collective of friends deeply passionate about Jesus, community, and the art of songwriting, embarked on this unique project with a purpose: to create songs resonating with those navigating the complexities of loss and longing, acknowledging the fractures in families, the strains of political discord, and the ensuing sense of being unmoored.

Recorded in a historic Nashville mansion, once a witness to the Civil War's trials, Anchor Hymns delivered an EP that breaks away from their usual intimate setting. "No Home But You" is a live, raw, and unfiltered collection of rock and roll hymns, a spirited celebration shared among friends in a vast space, echoing with the joy of discovering home in Jesus.

Anchor Hymns hope that "No Home But You" will resonate with those feeling spiritually adrift. These songs extend an invitation to a safe and warm room with God, providing a momentary respite for the "spiritually homeless" to bask in the warmth of His love. 


  1. Where Else Can I Go? 
  2. No Home But You 
  3. You Did Not Pass Me By
  4. Let Them Fall 
  5. O Freedom 

To listen to the EP, click HERE.

Rooted in sacred, reverential, and vulnerable honesty these hymns dive deep into the human condition. Anchor Hymns is a multigenerational collective of artists creating songs of substance from both a lyrical, theological, and musical frame. With roots spanning across generations past and yet-to come, as well diverse ethnic backgrounds, these songs create a place where honesty can be found in community, while simultaneously looking towards what's ahead with gratitude. Musically drawing from Neo Soul, Indie Rock, Brooklyn Fusion, (Blues, Jazz, RnB, Soul), these songs are unafraid to tackle the sounds of suffering and grief, as well as joy and celebration. 

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