ICF Worship's "Power in Your Name" Echoes the Greatness of Jesus Christ

ICF Worship

Experience the resonant truth of "Power in Your Name" by ICF Worship --- a stirring song that echoes the greatness of Jesus Christ. Within its harmonies lies a deep bridge that reminds us of the enduring power found in His name. 

"I stand on every word You say Your promises remain forever No matter what the future holds I will never ever let go."

In a world filled with uncertainty, this hymn serves as a reminder of the incredible impact that Jesus has had on history. With each verse, we're drawn into a profound realization of the authority and sovereignty of His name.

Listen to "Power in Your Name" HERE.

Feel the chains of doubt and fear break as you join in the powerful chorus proclaiming that there's indeed power in His name. Through His triumph over the grave, Jesus has conquered all. His love has changed everything. As the song progresses, it beautifully captures the tension between what is and what could be, yet in the midst of it all, there's an unwavering confidence in the power of Jesus' blood to set us free. It's a declaration of unwavering faith in his enduring promises, no matter what challenges lie ahead. "Power in Your Name" is not just a song; it's a proclamation of victory and a reminder that we can trust in Jesus now and forever. 

ICF Worship has its roots in the ICF Zurich church, founded in 1996 in Switzerland's larges city. Having started with a passion to reach out to people across the country in a contemporary and relevant way, ICF Zurich has flourished into a non-denominational church counting over 3,300 weekend attendees spread across five different locations within the city and its surroundings. ICF is also one of the biggest church movements in the German speaking sphere with over 60 churches in 12 nations. 

Yet, ICF Worship are not restricted to being a band of skilled worship songwriters and performers, but are also strongly connected with and focused on local churches part of the ICF family and beyond. For over 10 years, ICF Worship's music has been growing alongside the church movement, seeing multiple album releases capturing its heart and developing a deeper sense of identity in their songwriting and sound in the process. 

ICF Worship aim to write songs that speak the gospel beyond church walls. This has been expressed in the change seen in recent years as a greater number of the team have brought their skills and diversity to ICF Worship's vibrant songwriting. 





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