Matt Redman, Recording Songs Live At 'LIFT, A Worship Leader Collective,' As Part Of His New Album

Matt Redman, well-known Christian worship leader, is set to record a new album at the beginning of June and has asked his fans for prayers as he and his team prepares to record.

On May 18, he tweeted, "In 2 weeks we're recording a new album. If anyone has a heart to pray for the team, my family and I these next few weeks we'd treasure that."

Fans responded with encouragement and, on May 20, he tweeted again saying, "Huge thanks for all the kind tweets letting us know you're with us in prayer as we gear up for this new live album recording. Means so much!"

Redman has been a full-time worship leader since he was 20 years old and he has travelled all over the world to share the gospel message through music and worship, according to his website.  He is a husband and father of five children.  His worship music is widely sung at churches and Christian events.  Some of his most well-known songs include '10,000 Reasons' and 'Never Once' from his 2011 Album.  His most recent album, before the one that he is recording in June, is entitled 'Sing Like Never Before' and was released in 2012.  In addition to writing music, Redman has also written four different books that all center around the theme of worship.

Redman will be recording his latest album live at a gathering called 'LIFT, A Worship Leader Collective,' hosted by Passion City Church from May 31- June 1, according to hiswebsite.  

'LIFT' is a gathering of songwriters, musicians and worship leaders working together to give the public a space to be in the presence of God without the obligations and constraints of leading others, according to Passion City Church's 'LIFT' website.  It focuses on teaching and spiritual challenge and hopes to create a new sense of purpose, power and clarity for worship leaders.  The event will be hosted by Louie Giglio and Chris Tomlin, with additional contributions by Matt Redman, Nathan & Christy Nockels, Kristian Stanfill, Crowder and various leaders from the Passion Band.  

Registration is going on now for 'LIFT,' which covers admittance to evening events and performances on Friday and events throughout the day on Saturday, including lunch. Registration currently costs $79 now, and will cost $99 at the door.

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