K-Love 'Hello My Name Is' Music Video Offers A Chance To Be Part Of Matthew West's New Video

K-Love is looking to create an official music video for Matthew West's hit single, 'Hello My Name Is,' and is offering fans a chance to be a part of that video.

In order to appear in the upcoming music video, fans must first download the 'Hello My Name Is' sign from K-Love. Then they are invited to fill the blank space of the sign in with a word or phrase that best describes what God has done in their life. Finally, they must take a picture of themselves holding the sign and send it in an e-mail to [email protected] by 2 p.m. CDT on June 21.

The photos that are selected will be featured in the upcoming music video as well as the K-Love website for the remainder of the month of June. They will also be featured on K-Love's social media sites.

West's song, 'Hello My Name Is,' appeared on his 2012 album, 'Into the Light.'  'Into the Light,' is West's second studio album to document the personal stories that his fans, which were sent him in more than 10,000 letters from around the world. He plans to also released a new book, called 'Forgiveness: Overcoming the Impossible,' on June 23 documenting some of the stories that he has received while working on his newest album

'Hello My Name Is,' has held strong to the No. 1 position on the Billboard Christian songs chart for about 16 weeks. It is an illustration of God's great love and forgiveness making us anew through Christ. It tells a story of Jordan, a former drug addict who became addicted to Oxycontin after it was prescribed to him following a football injury. His addiction completely took over his life, robbing him of his college football scholarship and everything that he had worked for in his life.

However, at a rehabilitation center, called 'Teen Challenge,' in North Carolina, Jordan discovered that God's plan was not for him to be defeated by the past, but instead it was for him to overcome these challenges and to grow and be made anew in Christ. From there, Jordan received a masters degree, became a teacher and a coach, got married and discovered a calling into full-time ministry.

The title of the hit song was inspired by the way in which Jordan ended his letter to West. He said, "These days I introduce myself a little differently than I used to. Hello, my name is Jordan and I am a child of the one true king!" In this way, he has been able to overcome his past and, through Christ he has been renewed, redeemed and restored to a new life.

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