Newsboys, 'Live With Abandon' Video In The Making, Single Releases June 25

(Photo : Newsboys Facebook Page)

Newsboys are working on a video for their new single, 'Live With Abandon' from their upcoming album, 'Restart' and they released a behind the scenes clip about their video shoot on June 20.

The behind the scenes clip features Michael Tait, lead singer, and Duncan Phillips, drummer/ percussionist, speaking about the filming of the upcoming 'Live With Abandon' video. "We are shooting the live music performance video, short-form video, for our new song 'Live With Abandon,'" Phillips says. The video is being filmed in an unusual setting, at a magnet charter High School in Nashville, Tennessee in the evening.

'Live With Abandon' is the first single off of Newsboys' upcoming album, 'Restart,' which is set to release September 10. The single will be available for download on June 25 and the new video will premier on July 2.

'Live With Abandon' is a song about leaving the pleasures of this world behind in order to live a more fulfilling life for Christ. The lyrics state, "I wanna live with abandon, Give You all that I am, Every part of my heart Jesus, I place in Your hands."

On May 8, Newsboys also released a video describing the meaning behind the new single. ''Live With Abandon,' I love the title, I love the power and the lyric, because when you think about living with abandon, letting go, dying to yourself, letting God take control, well it's basically the Gospel," Tait said. "Well, I at times wrestle with truly letting go, and I think the great thing about that is it brings a freedom within our faith," Phillips added.

This song communicates that, although, as human beings, we are not comfortable with feeling as if we are not in control, it is worth it to allow God to take control and really allow us to feel that freedom in our lives, that understanding that we're covered by the most powerful entity in existence, and that is a powerful thing.

Newsboys is a Christian pop/rock band that is best known for their 2011 hit song, 'God's Not Dead (Like a Lion),' which inspired a 2013 book by Dr. Rice Broocks, entitled 'God's Not Dead- Evidence For God In An Age Of Uncertainty.' The band was founded in Australia in 1985 and are currently located in Nashville, Tennessee. Newsboys is comprised of Tait on lead vocals, Phillips on drums/ percussion, Jody Davis on guitar and vocals, and Jeff Frankenstein on piano, bass and vocals.

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