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Robbie Seay Band - Psalms EP: Vol. 1
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Robbie Seay Band - Psalms EP: Vol. 1
Earlier this month, the Robbie Seay Band released a 5-song EP titled, Psalms EP: Vol. 1. The worship pastor and songwriter is offering the project as a free download if you sign up for his newsletter. He talked about the project and the story behind it, saying, "By definition, I am a modern day Psalmist - though my understanding and passion for the Biblical Psalms, until recently, has been elementary. Sure, I had favorites that i would read and a basic knowledge of the more common passages but it was not a priority for me to include the Psalms when leading worship or to write new music for the Psalms. God changed that in me and this past summer as RSB went into the studio to record "Psalms EP, Vol. 1".


His hope is that fans will listen to the Psalms put to music, sing along with them and meet God in a way that they haven't before. He also hopes that the music will resonate so much that listeners will want to help with Volumes 2 and 3 through upcoming Kickstarter campaigns.

Psalms EP: Vol. 1 Track Listing:

  1. Psalm 96 (Read the Psalm)
  2. Psalm 62 (Read the Psalm)
  3. Psalm 91 (Read the Psalm)
  4. Psalm 42 (featuring Aimee Norris) (Read the Psalm)
  5. Psalm 63 (featuring Lindsey Kidd) (Read the Psalm)

Download your copy today.

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