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Joe Amaral
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Joe Amaral (2013)
FaithWords author, award-winning filmmaker and host of the popular weekly Television series First Century Foundations, Joe Amaral, is producing and hosting a film titled God's Big Bang!, which will investigate whether God and science can co-exist.

Amaral asks questions like, "Does the Big Bang Theory automatically disqualify the possibility of an Intelligent Design by an all omnipotent God? And does the belief in an Intelligent Design by an all omnipotent God automatically disqualify the possibility of the Big Bang? Does the Holy Bible’s description of creation fit with what we know from physics and science?" These premises will serve as the driving forces behind the film.

The documentary will be partially narrated, but will focus on interviews with secular and Christian physicists, scientists, astronomers, Priests, Pastors, Rabbis, and Atheists. Animations and NASA/Hubble footage, as well as images of stars, planets, clusters, nebulae and galaxies, will be featured to share the glory and majesty of our universe. Special focus will be given to Bible verses that mention astronomical objects and events, but in the end, it will be shown that the universe was designed with purpose and in the way the Bible describes.

God’s Big Bang Section Outline

  • Section 1 – Introduction to our Solar System
  • Section 2 - The Coolest Things in the Universe
  • Section 3 – The 10 Top Things Man Believed That Turned Out Not to be True
  • Section 4 – Exploring Theories of How the Universe Began
  • Section 5 – What Does the Bible Say About the Creation of the Universe?

You can be a part of this amazing film by contributing through his Kickstarter campaign, which runs through November 9, 2013. Pledge amounts range from $20 to $2500, with the total goal being $19,500. Without the funding, he will not be able to make the film.

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