iPod Touch 6th Generation 2015 Release Date: The Truth

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iPod Touch 6th Generation 2015 Release: The Truth

Although there is no doubt that Apple's latest product unveiling event was nothing short of brilliant, fans also expected the release date or at least a sneak peek of the latest iPod Touch. According to rumors, Apple was bound to launch the iPod 6 along with iPhone 6 and iWatch but why didn't they even mention about it?

Reports suggest that the company was highly focused on the development of two new iPhones along with iOS 8 and believed that any haste in iPod Touch 6th generation release date in 2014 will most likely result to device compromise in terms of Apple's standards. That's why developers and testers had suggested delaying it.

In addition, the marketing team also feared that with too much focus on Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, the new iPod may not get the spotlight, which will ultimately take a toll on its sales. Furthermore, in the future, when stock prices dip after iPhone and iWatch sales settle down, iPod will provide the much needed boost to keep the cash coming. Smart, isn't it?

Now, Apple plans to release the iPod Touch 6 in 2015 somewhere between June and August. This will take the launch gap between iPod 5 and 6 to around three years.

This new device will run on the new iOS 8 and will have increased storage space. And if rumors are to be believed, the price for the new Apple iPod 6 will be $349 and it will be compatible with the new Apple Watch for good.      



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