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Karen Peck and New River
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Karen Peck and New River
Karen Peck and New River's latest single to hit #1, "Revival," was co-written by Karen Peck Gooch, Kenna Turner West and Don Poythress at Daywind Publishing and recorded as the title track for their latest project. A tune that West refers to as a "gritty, nostalgic song about the church," it paints a picture of the church revivals of yesteryear while shouting the need for a revival in the 21st century.


The collaboration began with an idea and then found the three talented writers each sharing their own mental picture of what an old-timey revival would look like. For West, it was all about location, an old campmeeting on the county line. Poythress added to it with a big canvas tent in the open air. Gooch's first thoughts were about what she would find, redback hymnals and a Holy Ghost prayer. The different perspectives are ringing bells with listeners, as the song either brings back memories from the past or a longing for that kind of fellowship with God today.

Kenna shared that even in her own family, the snapshots the song evokes are different. "My seventy-eight year old father enjoys the song because he can recall what it was like when the power of God fell in the old tent meetings," she said. "I love it because I still have a vague memory of attending a tent revival with my grandparents as a child so it offers me a sweet connection with the past. My teenage son enjoys the song because it reminds him of where we have come from, both as a family and as the church."

Karen and the band knew that the song was getting attention at radio because when they sang this song at concerts, fans would start singing along with their hands raised and the blessings would flow. She said, "We are so passionate about 'Revival'. We are praying that the Lord will break out revival all over this world. More than ever we need Him. Thanks to our precious DJ's for believing in the song and for partnering with us in spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ."

From the song ...

We’re gonna shout the glory down
Join in the heavenly sound
Toe-tapping, hand-clapping revival
We’re gonna stand and testify
Hands lifted up to the sky
Faith stirring, shake the earth revival

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