White House Security NEWS! Secret Service Competency Questioned - White House 'Jumper' Got Too Close For Comfort

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White House Security NEWS!  Secret Service Competency Questioned - White House 'Jumper' Got Too Close For Comfort

It appears that White House jumper has gotten too close for comfort. Members of the Congressional oversight committee looking into the case seem to agree.

During a hearing with the Secret Service Director, a much clearer detail about the alleged intruder incident has emerged. The intruder successfully went inside the White House. He was later seized while inside the East Room and near a door leading to the Green Room. Congressmen of the oversight committee were also informed that the jumper successfully evaded a female security officer posted inside the official presidential home.

On Sept. 19, a man jumped inside the gates of the White House. The name of the intruder was Omar Gonzales. He was caught while he was already inside the White House. The Secret Service initially announced that he was not armed which turn out not be true. It was later revealed he was armed with a knife when he was caught.

Utah Republican Congressman Jason Chaffetz told during the oversight meeting his feelings about the state of security in the White House. He said, "I'm worried that over the last several years, security has gotten worse - not better."

Meanwhile, the Senate is complaining that they were not told that the intruder has gone inside the White House before he was arrested. It was only later that Senate Judiciary Committee was informed by the extent of the intrusion.

The Washington Post posted a report that Gonzalez just missed a staircase that goes up the living space of President Obama and family. The Post also said that an agent eventually engaged the intruder.

Lawmakers are anxious to question the Secret Service on how Gonzalez was able to enter the building and roam the restricted areas including sections that will lead to the personal quarters of the President and family.

The spokesperson for the White House has confirmed that while the President "obviously concerned" about the recent incident, Obama is still confident about the competent of the Secret Service in guarding him and his family. However, it would be unwise for a President to question the competency of his security people.

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