Ricky Skaggs and Sharon White Celebrate Their Love Together with "Hearts Like Ours"

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Though Ricky Skaggs and Sharon White have successful careers on their own and they are married together, they have never released a duets album until now.  The first time they ever scored a hit together was in 1987 when their single "Love Can't Ever Get Better Than This"  became a top 10 hit.  

"When the single came out and did so well, we thought about doing an album then," he said, allowing that the fact that they recorded for different labels would not allow that to happen at the time. All of these years later, Skaggs is philosophical about that, saying that the couple has more to sing about now than they did then. "We took that as a missed opportunity. But, looking back at it, we were married six years at that point. Now, to have been married 33 years, and what we've been through together with children and each other, as well as the way we've grown as people and as Christians, our faith has grown, I feel like we really have something to sing about."

The couple released their first duets project, Hearts Like Ours, this week. It is an album that speaks of love, commitment and faith. "The kind of songs we wanted to do as duets were really based on love and commitment. We wanted to celebrate the commitment we've had to each other," he said.

Sharon White said there is something special that occurs when she sings with her husband. "We both are as known for being harmony singers as we are for being lead vocalists. I enjoy singing harmony. Ricky does too, and he blends with everybody he sings with. That's why they ask him. They know that his voice is going to add something special to the mix. Not everybody has that kind of voice that is distinctive but also adds to whoever they are singing with. I think it gives you an appreciation. I can hear a difference in people who have not sung with other people. It's almost like you have to learn singing another way. You're listening to each other. That's a huge part of being a harmony singer. There's a real art to it. I've never really thought about it. It's just what we do. I've always sung with a group and really enjoyed it."


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