Windows 9: Officially Tagged now as "Windows 10"

Windows 9 Virtual Desktop

Windows 9: Officially Tagged now as "Windows 10"

Microsoft reveals another exciting change happened last Sept 30 in San Frasisco.  The event opened only to 50 invited analysts and journalists to witness Microsoft's newest O.S. termed as "Threshold." The operating system that will be hitting windows users are what technology savvies call as "Windows 9."

During the event, Microsoft executives are going to lay out their new announcement "What's Next for Windows and the Enterprise."

Windows 8

Reports cited that Microsoft is not satisfied on how well their O.S. is scoring for the users. Since Windows was launched in 2012, Windows 8 has not conquered the world of internet users. Based on the statistics gathered by Net Applications, only 6.29 percent of the PC users have Windows 8, and 6.35 percent have Windows 8.1.

This just means that not all Windows users are upgrading their gadgets because Windows 7 is still in use having a share of 50.06 percent and 25.27 percent for Windows XP users.  The result pushed Microsoft to get on monthly updates rather than having yearly software launch.

Alan Crozier, Microsoft Head earlier called the new software as Windows 9 in one live streaming. However, there is no official name yet for the upcoming O.S. Speculations about the name for the new software include Windows 365, Windows One or simply Windows.

What to Expect?

It is free! Start and menu button will be seen again in Windows 9.  There could also be updates to Windows Activation, file hosting service OneDrive, Windows Defender, and Metro UI design.  Users will no longer access the charms sidebar as it is rumored to be eliminated this time.

Another new thing about the new Microsoft O.S. will be Cortana, the Microsoft Siri version that will become accessible on computers. I.T. personnel and businessmen will surely be excited with the speculated virtual desktops, providing user the capability to run multiple desktops in one PC.


"Windows was at a threshold, and that it was time for a new Windows ... built from the ground-up for a mobile-first, cloud-first world," Microsoft official said today at an offline press event.

The "Windows 9" is now officially named as "Windows 10." The Redmond Washington software giant claimed that they finally decided to name it "Windows 10." This rested the other tags that the Windows software was earlier known- "Windows Threshold, "or "Windows TH." The official release will be in the mid-2015.


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