Scandal Season 4 Premiere: Important Details That You Need To Know

‘Scandal’ Season 4 Premiere: Important Details That You Need To Know

'Scandal' Season 4 Premiere: Important Details That You Need To Know

"Scandal" is back with a new season premiere. The third season kept fans at the edge of their seats, and fans may not believe it, but this season is bound to be bigger and more exciting. It offers more drama, more challenges, more twists, and more of Olivia Pope. The last season ended with Oliva Pope leaving with Jake, Harrison's life on the line, and Fitz winning the reelection at the cost of his son's life. Pope is played by Kerry Washington, Jake by Scott Foley, and Fitz by Tony Goldwyn.

Season 4 will attempt to answer all the questions left hanging by the 3rd season. Here are some important things things that you need to know about "Scandal" Season 4 Premiere.

Few of the fall's come back shows are highly anticipated than of "Scandal". But what makes the fans anxious about Season 4 premiere was how Shonda Rhimes & Co. would take off from a choatic and messy Season 3. This all new season of "Scandal" opened a giant spread of fresh air, and it was a wonderful reminder of how fun the show was without some spark of stupidity.

In a certain interview with the actors Bellany Young and Tony Goldwyn, they have talked about the first few weeks on the set and how things will be different. As for them, everything will be different. The writers and the producers of the show have blown their minds off with what they have reinvented; however, they managed to keep the same intensity level.

What else? Well, Olivia will bring back the gladiator to the center of the free world. Joe Morton, the actor who played Olivia's father, hinted on a certain entertainment television about the pending return of Olivia.

Furthermore, tons of guest stars will appear on the show's premiere. Some of the guest stars that have been reported so far were Kelen Coleman, Mary Mccormack, and Josh Randall. According to Ellen DeGeneres, she announced on Twitter that Portia de Rossi, her wife, will also be joining the show. Entertainment Weekly also reported that Matthew Del Negro will still be on the show with the same role. Additionally, Sonya Wagler will also appear on the casting.

Scandal Season 4 Premiere will be titled as "Randy, Red, Superfreak and Julia". This was from a certain Tweet of the show creator, Shonda Rhimes.

For the fans, it's a great time to celebrate as "Scandal' is back. Of course, this is not just for one episode, but for the whole season. In the next succeeding weeks, you will see how the show flows on its intensity level.

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