Microsoft Surface Pro 3: The revolutionary laptop to hit the market! Spoilers, News and Reviews


Imagine a tablet that turns into a laptop in with the snap of a finger. Well, that would be awesome and amazing, isn't it? Microsoft had introduced Surface Pro 3, the newest gadget in the tablet and laptop category.

According to the tech website The Verge, "The Surface Pro 3 does a better job of cramming a full-powered computer into a touchscreen tablet than anything ever has before". It is definitely a technological masterpiece!

Surface Pro 3 has a 12-inch display encased in a sleek magnesium frame and is the thinnest and lightest within the Microsoft Pro family. With this, it allows users to stay productive anywhere as it fits perfectly into a bag or a backpack. It is pre-loaded with the latest OS from Microsoft, Windows 8.1 Pro, has a 4th generation Intel Core processor that delivers blazing-fast performance.

As a revolutionary laptop, the tablet can go from table to laptop in a second with the multi-position Kickstand and Surface Pro 3 Type cover. Magnetic stability keeps the Surface Pro 3 Type Cover steady, so you can work just as comfortably on your lap as at your desk. Plus, you can easily connect your peripherals and transfer files via a full-size USB 3.0, microSD card reader, and Mini DisplayPort. It can also open a blank OneNote document with a click of the Surface Pen to instantly capture your next idea-even if your device is in sleep mode. Enjoy Dolby audio as you stream millions of songs for free, and import your iTunes playlists. Easily integrate all your social content with free apps like Facebook and Twitter, or stay productive with pre-installed apps like OneNote and Skype.

What more can we ask for in a laptop? This is the best gadget yet so far! Go get a piece of this device as it has been launched in the market last June 20, 2014.



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